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Kaze shounen vs. Jigoku Shoujo

Started watching these two anime,

One is Kaze no Stigma/Stigma of the wind and the other is Jigoku shoujo/hell girl/Girl from hell.
Both series contain someone with supernatural powers.

Kaze no Stigma currently has 7 episodes and still on the making..
Genre: Fantasy
Kazuma Yagami (originally Kazuma Kannagi), supposed to be heir of the kannagi, didn’t have the power controlling fire. The power fire is essential to the kannagi clan. Kazuma was abandoned by the kannagi, making him enough to leave the clan. Now he lives as a contractor of the wind.

Graphics: 5.. Looks cool!!
Sound: 4
Story: 4
Uniqueness: 3.. Common..

Total of 4 stars. 3 for uniqueness because, because fire, wind, etc powers are already common in a ‘fantasy’ anime. But the characters look good!


Jigouku Shoujo currently has 2 seasons with 26 episodes each.
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Enma Ai, the hell girl, exacts revenge for people accessing the hotline to hell. Vengeance cannot be completed until the red string is removed from the straw doll Ai gives. The antagonist, whether he might be good or bad, is immediately sent to hell, however ,in replacement, the soul of the one who accesed the hotline will end up in hell also. Well, it is only after he/she dies.

Here: Opening of the first season. Let’s say its a trailer. ;D

Song title: Sakasama no chou

Graphics: 5!! Advanced Graphics!!
Sound: 5!! Breathtaking..!!
Story: 5!! Cool!!
Uniqueness: 5!! Unique!!

All in all: 5 stars!! I recommend watching this anime! Some say it is only like Death note but hell girl came first.

And, that’s that. 😀


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New things..

Maybe, just maybe, i’ll turn this into a 60% about anime blog and 40% about game blog..


Because I might have some problems on keeping in touch with my co-writers.. ‘Cause all three of us are in different sections..

Yep. Just that. So what am I going to do about the title? Hmm.. let me think of it first. 😀

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PowRo, DarkRo, AeRo..

Not new for gamers out there but what could these private Ragnarok servers offer?

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Cool Bleach Vids!!

Wahaha.. I found these videos on YouTube.. It’s fun watching these.. haha..


Renji (red haired guy) & Ichigo (orange haired guy)- Thank you!
Renji- Still Rukia, you’re good at singing.
Rukia (girl)- What are you saying, Renji? That’s creepy.
Ichigo- That’s true. I was wondering why we were the back dancers at first. It feels rather…touching in the heart.
Rukia- Ichigo, you too? Then why don’t you two sing?!
Ren & Ichi- Nononono
Renji- We sing enough in the main story. And today my throat isn’t feeling too good.
Rukia- I was singing more. Byakuya-nii-sama!
Renji- Hitsuagaya taichou and Aizen taichou!
Byakuya (long haired guy)- Rukia, can we sing too?
Renji- Taichou! Why are you confirming it with Rukia? Please sing as much as you like!
Rukia- Yes! But what an odd combination of people.
Ichigo- What a dull trio…
Aizen (glasses guy)- How rude. At least say…a passive adult charm.
Renji- Adult? How about that person there?
Hitsugaya (white haired guy)- Say what?! Got a problem?!
Renji- No.
Hitsugaya- I’m just here cuz Aizen asked me.
Aizen- I had a request from Kuchiki Taichou…
Rukia- So the one who wants to sing most is…
Renji- No way… Taichouuuu??!! What’s up with this sparkly music?!!! RUN!!!

watch more at

or click here

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